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As Tears Go By (1988) Dir. Wong Kar Wai

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my brother had a slipknot poster in his room and my grandma threw holy water on it when they got into an arguement once

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no matter how surrounded by family and friends the cancer is, they never lose the sense they were abandoned on this earth, alone and isolated. and its this sense of abandonment that urges them to create a sanctuary of their own and a place of belonging that nurtures their inner child. they want to be back in the arms of their parent (god) although this manifests through seeming inorganic ways

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figure86 said: How did you learn so much about astrology?


magic… listening to angels… observing… reading… traveling through galaxies over centuries


so pluto in leo go through millions of dollars in research and buying products to keep them ‘young’, so obsessed with youth and anti aging. because leo feels he loses his importance with age.

and here pluto in scorpio/sagittarius are wondering if the earth will even see them to old age

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Beechwood Park | The Zombies


Daily Consumptions of Smooth Affections - Matsui Fuyuko

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Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

I said, “hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side.”

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+ [8-5-14] - Self-portrait | 7:36 AM, by The Expressionist.

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"Hang me, oh, hang me; I’ll be dead and gone…"

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My pictures must first be beautiful, but that beauty is not enough. I strive to convey an underlying edge of anxiety, of isolation, of fear. ” — Crewdson

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