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Bjork - Come to Me


by Heidi Systo

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a guy dressed as a furry on the esquire channel just said ‘pimps and ho-ho-hoes! merry christmas bitches, this is it’

I am really not sure what to do anymore about being far from everyone I love 

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Marion  Fayolle (b. 1988, Ardèche, France) - 1: Naughty Train, 2013  2: The Moon, 2013  3: Illustration for the book History of O Grand Journal!, 2012  4: For Muze Magazine, 2012  5: For The New York Times, A Formula for Happiness article, 2013  6: Illustration For A Philosophical Novel, A Search Of His Soul, 2011  7: For The New York Times, The Diagnosis Of Mental Disorders, 2013

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anonymously message me 3 things you want to know about me

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CRTs split open, spilling their load of pixels onto the floor like so much sand. ☯88JAN


Yes, this is a universe where computers can be computers, and programmers should be worshipped (and wear capes if they want to). ☯87DEC

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